Saturday, August 15, 2009

The 4th of July

This year was very similar to previous years for our 4th of July celebrations. We started out with our neighborhood pancake breakfast with a parade of bikes that are lead by a fire truck. Then we went boating with my parents followed by a BBQ at my parents house. Here is my three cute girls ready to start the fun.This is funny at the neighborhood breakfast, the primary gave out stickers, well we were sitting with some friends one of which we call Jayda's adoptive parents cause they love this kid and are always playing with her. Anyway he got a hold of her and gave her LOTS of stickers from the primary all on her back.We can't go boating without the "yummy's"
Jared, Ty (my brother-in-law), and Blake (my brother) all got on the tube together, it looks like it's gonna sink ha ha. The look on my brothers face (in front) cracks me up. They rode on this thing and it was fun to watch them get thrown several times, I am surprised it held up with all that weight on it.Me and my sis Karri, got on the other tube with ALL the kids, it was a little crowded but the kids enjoyed floating around.
Jayda with a sparkler, she liked them but she had other things to do. . .
Like play in the dirt while the fireworks were going off. Nyah wasn't sure about this, she was afraid of getting burned, of course when she realized that she was okay, she lit one after another.Then our little pyro, we couldn't keep her away from the fireworks and she was right there wanting to light them with the guys.

We had a good 4th this year, the kids I think had a good time.

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