Monday, August 2, 2010

4th of July Star Valley Style

Over the 4th of July we went to my good old home town Star Valley. We went for a family reunion and had a lot of fun. Since my parents live here now, we don't get to go there very often so it's nice when we do go.

Nyah and Keira got invited to be on one of the floats in the parade which they thought was wonderful. They had a good time waving flags and throwing candy.Jayda had fun watching the parade. She got very daring running after candy that was thrown in the street.Attempting to get all my kids in a picture and have it turn out decent is pretty much impossible at this point I just pick my battles and choose the one that is not the worst ha ha. As you can see Connor especially loves these moments.No visit to Star Valley in the summer is complete without visiting the Red Baron so we went there for food and ice cream which Jayda LOVED!We got to see my old house I grew up in. Wow it has a lot of memories! It is sadly not the same though. It is now trashed inside and really disgusting. It makes me sad.Of course we did fireworks and we got to do the really fun ones that go very high as they are not illegal in Wyoming. My kids didn't know what to think. But of course we had sparklers first. I love how she has her blanket in her mouth. Only in Star Valley would you have to wear a coat out to do fireworks in July.

We had a great time there, it has been forever since I have been there for the 4th of July, I think since the year Nyah was born so that would have been 8 years ago. It was nice to go back again.

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Lisa and Jacob said...

SV Rocks! haha!! I do love it there, and your old house.... SO many memories there!!! Good times for sure. You guys have had a fun filled summer! How fun.

Oh, and please add me to your invite list!