Monday, August 2, 2010

Connor's Room

With the help of our friends we painted Connor's room, this of course was before he was born but I didn't post it until now.

We decided to write messages to Connor on the walls before we covered it up with paint. No more purple walls, almost sad though, they have been purple since Keira was born so for about 5 1/2 years.

We of course couldn't get through the day without a Chevy Chase moment. Jared was up on a little step ladder and coming down he tripped of course, stepping on a can of green paint (the can was sealed shut, had not even been opened yet mind you) he stepped more on the edge of it and it tipped bringing him to the ground hard. The paint can was completely squished and paint went every where with a pile on the carpet. We got most of it up and you can barely tell where it was spilled. Our poor clumsy family.
This is what these two little monsters were up to while we were painting. Look familiar oh ya, this is the first time they created their lipstick art work the other post was the second time. As you can see Jayda is thrilled with her creation. Oh, it's a good thing they are so cute.
The end creation was worth all the hassles. I love how his room turned out!


Camie Rae Coles said...

Um so yeah I adore this room! You guys did an amazing job! Plus where did you get the cute cute wall stickers? Are they vinyl? Wow! I love it!!

Beau and Rach said...

soooo cute! Love the monkeys!

SmustysGirl said...

Really really cute Jess! I LOVE the way the green and brown and tan turned out!