Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer BBQ

Over the 4th of July weekend we decided to have a big BBQ at my parents house. We had a lot of people come, some of our friends, my bro and his friends, some friends of my parents etc. It was a TON of fun. We ended up with a HUGE water fight, including the big blow up water toy my mom has, water guns, water balloons, the hose, pitchers of water, etc. No one was safe and everyone got dumped in the little pool on the water toy whether you had clothes on or swim suit. Nyah randomly caught a butterfly that crawled all over her head it was CRAZYWe hatched a plan to get my brother in the water with his clothes on, which included one of my friends calling him on the cell phone and all the guys had to pitch in to help because he put up a FIGHT!!!!We were of course successful!Of course Cameron was next!After their pool run in and all wet.

We had TONS of food and all hung around visiting and laughing.
When it got dark we pulled out the chairs for the fireworks. Of course right in the middle of it all the automatic sprinklers came on and everyone went running and screaming. (To bad that was not on video!)
We had these GIANT marshmallows my mom got and Becky decided to play "chubby bunnies" she got 3 of those things in her mouth! (I should also post this pic on facebook, I know Beck would LOVE it ha ha)
Jayda and Tylie just wanted to watch cartoons together.

It was so much fun! We should do it again.

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