Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So, Keira's birthday was actually on August 19th, and I am just now getting this posted. Anyway last Thursday our little Kiki turned 6! Seriously how did that happen. She will actually be starting Kindergarten tomorrow, which is sad for me. We love Keira, she has the funnest personality and is seriously such a crack up. On the morning of her birthday we had a conversation like this:
Me: Today is your Birthday, your 6!
Keira: Your Joking!!
Seriously, you never know what is gonna come out of her mouth! She is extremely unique, there is really not a single word that would work to describe this child, she's just. . .Keira.

Anyone who knows her knows she is obsessed with animals! Any kind of animal. A few months back, she had been telling me that she wanted a pet bird and how she just wanted to catch a bird, like every day we would hear this. Then, one day we were eating dinner and after she said she was gonna go catch a bird out back, so we said go for it. We were sitting at the table with the sliding doors open when we hear "I GOT IT"!!! Then we hear birds freaking out. We run out and sure enough there is a bird in her hands that is trying desperately to get away. I just stood there shocked!! She really caught a bird?!?! How the crap did this happen! We have since had to explain to her that birds like that can't be pets and you can't catch them.

This kid is always concerned for others and if anyone gets hurt she is the first one there to help take care of them or to get a band aid for them. She keeps telling me that when she grows up she wants to be a Doctor so she can make people feel better. I could see her doing that to, or of course any type of profession dealing with animals ha ha.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEIRA, WE LOVE YOU!!!!! For her birthday she wanted a dog cake and I just happen to find this one at Wal-Mart so she was very excited about this.
Time for presents!
She got more of those big headed stuffed animals she loves, now she has them all.
She got the "Perry the Platypus" toy that we have heard about non stop since she saw it. I am still not sure how she spotted it, we were at the store and were in the clothing section and she starts talking about the Perry the Platypus toy she could see which was clear over in the toy aisle. She can spot the strangest things from a mile away.
Anyone, who has been around Keira has heard that she wanted a "puppy party" for her birthday, she has been talking about it for almost a year now, ya, that's rights she planned this right after she had just turned 5. Of course it wasn't a surprise considering, when she did turn 5 we had heard about the "Hannah Montana" birthday she wanted for a year before that ha ha.

So, here is the cake. I must say the dogs eyes are a little creepy.
The decorated kitchen
We made "dog ears" for everyone as well as decorated a "dog kennel" which we took all their pictures in.
The Dog Kennel
All the "doggies" at the party
In the kitchen, we made a "doggy obstacle course" they had to go through it a few times, then we had them going through it and we had some Scooby snacks and we would have them do tricks for us like; speak, roll over, chase your tail, etc. Then they would get a Scooby snack for being a good dog. It was so stinking funny and the kids really got into it.
This little doggy got mixed up were she was supposed to go and got stuck.
We had a pinata of course by request from Keira, she kept saying "I want a puppy piata"
For me, it was a little creepy that we were giving these kids a stick to smack a dog with.The end result was really creepy, it ended up decapitated and mutilated.
They also got to "adopt" their very own puppy, they got to choose their puppy, a collar for the puppy and they got an adoption certificate. I don't know why I didn't think to take picts of this, but I didn't.
Time for cake!She was VERY excited for the presents!I thought of a great idea this year for the opening of the presents. You know how at a party, when they start opening presents and all the kids crowd the birthday kid and no body can see or move. Well I put a piece of tape along the carpet and told them not to cross it. When Keira was opening the gift they had brought they could come up and sit next to the couch to see close up. It worked like a charm ha ha!

She had a great birthday I think and got everything she wanted most of which was different types of large stuffed animals, she got 4 of them. She is getting quite a collection of stuffen animals. Yay for me, I just LOVE having stuffed animals, but it's not as if I can hope to get rid of any of them, she loves them all. I am just trying to find the best way to organize them without them being in the way.
Anyway, now another party is over with and yes you guessed it, she has already chosen what she wants for next year. . . . . she wants birds!! Yes, that's rights a bird birthday is what she wants, not surprising coming from her, but seriously?!


SmustysGirl said...

How exciting! I LOVE the tape idea! She looks like she's having so much fun at the party! I miss those parties when we were little and there were 7000 screaming girls! Good job on an awesome party, Jess! Although there is one obvious present she didn't receive.... hmmm, dog maybe? lol j/k

The ZamFam said...

I love that girl!!! And btw, how much tape did you go through? Lol.

Anonymous said...

Cute idea! Great party and looks like she had a great time! I think Nya (sp?) looks so grown up with her hair that way too.

Lisa and Jacob said...

She looks so much like YOU! Especially the one of her in the dog house.... what a fun party!