Monday, August 2, 2010

Nyah's Birthday Party

So, this was the start of our INSANE weekend!! We had Nyah's birthday party, Nyah's gymnastics performance, Nyah's baptism, and Connor's baby blessing all in one weekend!!! People thought we were crazy, we are of course, but there wasn't really much we could do about how it worked out. I had always planned on doing the Baptism and Blessing all in one weekend cause I figured it would work better for anyone that had to travel. Now the gymnastics performance couldn't be helped, I don't get to pick the day and time. The birthday party we didn't have a lot of options with either because if we had done it the weekend before her birthday, well that was memorial weekend and that just doesn't work, and then if we waited another week it's just getting a little far from her actual birth date, so there ya have it. Okay so I am just crazy, but we did it!

Nyah this year wanted a Taylor Swift party. So, they don't have any Taylor Swift birthday party things, we had to do our own thing.

I made these invitations, which I was proud of for doing. I tried to make them look like a concert ticket (I blacked out certain parts for obvious reasons).

We had plenty of friends there.
We first got their nails done and sparkles put in their hair to "get ready" for the concert. Then we had a relay race to put on "concert clothes" then came the concert. We had the karaoke machine out and the girls took turns in groups or by themselves singing whatever they wanted.

Then of course we had the dance party. Nyah looks so funny in this shot ha ha.

This was the decorated kitchen

Here was the cake

It ended up being a pretty good turn out and they all had a lot of fun.

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SmustysGirl said...

That must have been a crazy, squealing, fun time! I love her cake! did you make it?